Biranit is an Israeli multidisciplinary engineering company engaged in various projects in the energy sector. We specialize in providing advanced safety solutions to the Construction and O&M projects for Oil and Gas infrastructures, Power Stations, Renewable Energy, and Process Plants.

We are an experienced team of HES specialists, Lead foremans, engineers, planners, and supervisors.
Safety management and environmental monitoring with the high requirements of international EHSQ standards.
We provide safety solutions at every level of the project.
We work with strict adherence to the implementation of international standards of quality, environmental health, and safety.
The company’s health and safety records are a direct result of a commitment to executing projects in a safe and effective manner.
Providing trained and qualified HSE professional personnel.

In conjunction with the extensive experience of the professional teams in previous and current projects, in industry we note the high performance, capability, safety and accuracy.

All the requirements and requests for the project are made available by a high professional HSE team.

Establishment and maintenance of the process factories. HSE solutions. Safety management and supervising.
Erection of storage tanks. Providing trained and qualified professional personnel.
Oil and Gas. Mindstream & Downstream. Establishment of the various piping systems. BIRANIT ENGINEERING LTD has assembled an experienced safety staff, developed and implemented a strong Health and Safety Policy.

Power and Renewable Energy.
BIRANIT ENGINEERING LTD has always maintained a strong commitment to health and safety for the protection of all personnel in the project.
Erection of steel structures and infrastructures. Coordination of works, quality and reliability, productivity and high results while maintaining employee safety.  

The earned experience of our team reflects the professionalism of the company and the ability to integrate into various industrial projects.

Our team works as HSE Leaders for contractors and companies in the energy sector. Completed projects: Ashalim Plot B Thermo-Solar Power Plant by GE construction and commissioning, Ezom Dorad Power Plant O&M and Leviathan Natural Gas pipeline project by Noble Energy. Currently projects: Oil pipeline installation by Byron Engineering and Natural Gas onshore pipeline by ENERGEAN.


Our client’s satisfaction is a constant measure of achievement for our team. While there is no doubt that this satisfaction is due to our commitment to our clients, it is also directly related to the values through which BIRANIT manages its operation.

Our goal

We carry out our corporate purpose, “We create an environment for a safe and healthy work,” by pursuing ambitious goals along with our entire value chain. In this way, we aim to achieve profitable growth and take on social and environmental responsibility, focusing on safety issues through which we as a company can make a significant contribution.

Specific tasks our clients can request from us include:
  • HSE Mnagement
  • QA/QC Management
  • Document control and monitoring
  • Advanced management solutions

Our values

Individual Contribution
Strong Work Ethics

We can also offer
  • PMO
  • Conceptual Scheduling
  • Functional and process testing
  • Plant operation and maintenance
  • Staffing and outsourcing

Health and Safety


Biranit Engineering provides the most advanced services in the field of HES. We lead our Safety Management based on the individually fitted program for each client in strong adherence to Safety Legislations.

Implementation of effective HES solutions for construction and O&M projects, process factories and the renewable energy sector.

We are delighted to introduce the SKYSAVER PROFESSIONAL SOLUTIONS, a simple and effective rescue device designed for use by technicians working and due to emergency event require immediate evacuation for wind turbines, construction, cranes, cellular towers, Rope transportation cabins and hotels.

  • Rescue and Emergency solutions-SKYSAVER
  • Trainings and coaching
  • HSE planning and management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Making Risk assesments and safety method stataments RAMS, JSA, JRA, PTW
  • Application of advanced safety methods and practices
  • Safety Audit and Leadership Programs
  • Advanced equipment for work safely

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Work safely means success!


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